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Create seamless processes in project management with PMT+


Completing projects successfully within the scheduled project duration, within budget and in line with the expectations of all stakeholders is hard work. Customer and project information is often exchanged in emails, kept in tables or various tools.

The merging of information is very time-consuming due to the change of tools. Project risks are not recognized early.


With our PMT+ solution, you can keep an eye on the timeline, budget and team workload in real time. PMT+ for Salesforce is a Salesforce native project management solution that enables seamless processes from sales to professional service to billing.

PMT+ has been designed so that relevant information about customers, project budgets and deadlines as well as functions are available where they are needed. This increases the productivity of your team, as the time-consuming search for information is eliminated.

Colour coding and automatic notifications support you in correctly setting the focus in the project.

What is special: PMT+ is a highly customisable template that we or you can tailor to your needs.

PMT+ is based on our best practices in project implementation and offers you a basis with many functions on which you can map your individual processes.

  • Planning and managing agile and waterfall projects
  • High adaptability
  • Suitable for customer projects and internal projects
  • Colour coding of limit values
  • Time recording with consideration of individual daily rates
  • Sending proof of performance
  • Higher data quality through validation rules
  • Management of project phases and project tasks
  • Workflows to automate processes
  • Individual reports and dashboards
  • Mobile access
  • No monthly license costs
  • 100% Salesforce native: data protection, performance and stability according to Salesforce standards


PMT+ Project Navigator

Project Navigator

The Project Navigator is the view for all project members in your team to manage their tasks and times. With the PMT+ Project Navigator, employees can see which tasks are assigned to them and can book times at the push of a button.

Time booking is possible for yourself or other users and can also be done on the go from the PMT+ Project Manager mobile view. If you work with partners or freelancers, you can provide them with a community so that they can also book their times.

Project Forecast

The PMT+ Project Forecast shows you the planning for a project and the planning for employees.

At the project level, you can plan which employees you need and to what extent to meet deadlines. The employee forecast shows you which employee is scheduled for which project with how many times. You can see capacities at a glance, taking into account working hours, holidays and other absences. An overbooking of an employee is highlighted to you directly. Thanks to the integrated skill management, you can deploy employees according to their skills.

Process integration with Sales

With PMT+, the Professional Service Team is automatically informed about new orders. Relevant information from Sales is transferred. Opportunity and project information are continuously synchronised afterwards. Because our solution is based on the Salesforce platform, other departments such as Service or Marketing can also be integrated. The coordination effort and transfer of information are streamlined.

Demo: PMT+ for Salesforce (German version)

In this demo video you can see a summary of the most important functions of PMT+. The language is German. If you want to see a demo in English please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and our answers on PMT+. If your question is not included or has not been answered comprehensively, please contact us. We’re here to help.

First steps

  • PMT+ for Salesforce is a project management solution and enables seamless processes from Sales to Professional Service to invoicing.

  • PMT+ is a highly customisable template, which we or you can tailor to your needs. PMT+ offers you a basis with many functions on which you can map your individual processes.

  • PMT+ is created for all companies that implement projects: whether customer projects or internal projects, regardless of the size of the project team and the project approach.

    Our solution is particularly suitable for service companies with a professional Service who use the Salesforce Sales Cloud as their CRM system.

  • No. Your data does not leave the Salesforce Platform. Our solution is 100% Salesforce native.

Price and editions

  • Enterprise or higher.

  • No. PMT+ is not a classic Salesforce App. It is a template that is adapted to your needs.

Automate your professional service processes with  PMT+

PMT+ for Salesforce

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